This Broken Beat - Album Release Show

This Broken Beat - Album Release Show

Nightlove, OptycNerd, Wanderer, Water Aerobics

Fri Nov 10 2017

6:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

This Broken Beat
"there is a fine line between living life on the edge and living to play it safe. To truly be alive calls for some risks, as well as direction for those risks. We will inevitably get caught up in ideas of irrelevance years down the road, and make mistakes out of in-the-moment emotions, but it's all to illuminate the beauty of choice & freewill itself. Because you need to know what's standard, before you can explore. You'll need to feel the tension, before you can release. It's a sort of stimulation, the way our minds behave. So you have to taste what's bitter so you can taste what's sweet & you'll have to hear what's broken, before you make a beat"
Retro pop artist from Denver, Colorado
I got into real, conscious hip hop in late high school, and started cookin Garageband Beatz in 2008. I Joined a mini hip hop club that same year, learning more and more about the anatomy of a rhyme. I eventually set sail for music school in Denver. I now actively make several types of music including jazz piano, A cappella, indie, and hip hop.
Indie x pop solo artist.
I wanna make you feel something.
Water Aerobics
Indie-Rock duo out of Denver/Breckenridge CO. Taking inspiration from the mountains, the people and weather ,as they live in their van, and smoosh it into sounds they call Water Aerobics. No old ladies, no chlorine, no swimming. Just some good music and good times
Venue Information:
Marquis Theater
2009 Larimer Street
Denver, CO, 80205