Jan 4, 2013
Door Time: 7:00 PM

Day: Friday, January 4, 2013
Door Time: 7:00 PM
Age: All Ages
Advance Ticket Price: $8
Day Of Show Price: $10
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We are Virga. We make music. Beyond making music, we make everything else you see. Our music is self-produced. Our videos are self-produced. We shoot our own photography. We believe in the DIY spirit and independent music.

VespyraVespyra began in the summer of 2011, and was founded by singer/guitarist James Busby, and lead guitarist Ahnaf Kalam. Prior to Vespyra, Busby and Kalam have been in several other projects together, none of which were what they were looking for. Kalam and Busby came together with the intention of creating the music that they had tried to for the past 3 years, but could never accomplish. The two of 
them wrote and recorded 3 songs, which would be their Vol. 1 demo, and began the hunt for members who fit with the new found style. Former members included Absalon Ortiz on drums, Tim Morrissey on bass, Josh Greenly on Drums, and Patrick Kane on drums. The two then contacted a bass player from a former project, Luis Rojas, and met drummer Anthony Hester to create the current line up.

Vespyra draws influence from everywhere in the field of music. Their trademark sound is the climactic fusion of gothic rock, melodic/death metal, progressive rock, and even pop music. From driving, yet, melodic guitar parts, thundering basslines, and lustful guitar harmonies, Vespyra creates a very distinct sound. Influences include HURT, Opeth, Tool, Katatonia, HIM, and many others.


Lawnmower Lobotomy
Lawnmower LobotomyLawnmower Lobotomy was formed November 2011 when Guiatrist Ben Beall moved from Ohio to Colorado and met drummer Jack Oberkirsch. Guitarist Ben Beall joined Jack's band AIA. After about a week they disbanded and Jack and Ben decided to start a band of their own. They called in support of their friend Joe Clay to play rhythm guitar and do growls. He agreed and LL was almost complete. To fill in on 
bass they had their friend Liam Berryman learn it. This lineup stayed the same for about 4-5 months. After that they decided to let Liam go. To fill on bass they contacted Jack's friend and former band mate Ben Slater. After awhile they decided to move Joe to vocals and pick up another guitarist. Jack played a show about a year before that with a guitarist named Jake Goulding Jack remembered just how good he was and they invited him to join. After he had been caught up they started booking shows with this lineup. Eventually, they decided they wanted to go back to being a four piece. They let their bassist Ben go and moved Joe to vocals and bass guitar. Currently they are writing songs, booking gigs, and will hopefully be recording soon. Stay tuned!


Even Death May Die
Even Death May DieHorror punk band from Denver, CO.