The Midnight Club

The Midnight Club

Modern Suspects, This Broken Beat, Manic., VYNYL

Sat Feb 11 2017

7:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

Modern Suspects
Colorado's M O D E R N | S U S P E C T S rose out of the afterlife of the band Claymore Disco (most notably winners of Denver's 93.3 KTCL Hometown for the Holidays 2013 radio competition). After Claymore had run its course, Modern Suspects was birthed in the aftermath of expectation. The lineup comprised Michigan raised Bart Williams, west coast bred Garret Myers, and Colorado native Tyler Frees. With a passion for pop sensibility and post-millennium alternative bands, the trio set out to portray a unique yet relatable sound. Their music is affectionately referred to as "popternative" – combining the best elements of modern technology without sacrificing timeless catchiness. The band seeks to be a uniting and positive force for their generation and anyone who is able to hear their music.
This Broken Beat
"there is a fine line between living life on the edge and living to play it safe. To truly be alive calls for some risks, as well as direction for those risks. We will inevitably get caught up in ideas of irrelevance years down the road, and make mistakes out of in-the-moment emotions, but it's all to illuminate the beauty of choice & freewill itself. Because you need to know what's standard, before you can explore. You'll need to feel the tension, before you can release. It's a sort of stimulation, the way our minds behave. So you have to taste what's bitter so you can taste what's sweet & you'll have to hear what's broken, before you make a beat"
The eclectic and mildly eccentric music act fronted by Nikkolus Gatsby, accompanied by lead guitarist, David Richard (both former members of the Denver-based band, Defy You Stars). New music coming fall 2016!
VYNYL is an Alternative Pop band based out of Denver, Colorado. In 2015, lyricist/bassist Andrew Ceronio and vocalist Tyler Whiteley came together with the common goal to create meaningful music, the kind you would seek out and purchase on vinyl. Over the period of a year, they worked in quiet to define their signature blend of lush textures and rhythmic instrumentation. Their unique writing process is a combined effort of Tyler, Andrew, drummer Brian Kotal, and producer/guitarist Nikkolus Banos, and relies heavily on collaboration and reinvention. The band seeks to tackle complex themes using personable imagery and relatable subjects.
With the intention to hit the ground running, VYNYL has been working tirelessly to achieve their goal of releasing new and unique music, while inspiring people to live, and express themselves, and dance their asses off. They released their debut single, "Reaction" In November of 2015 to local and international acclaim, with fans reaching all the way from South Africa, The UK, Switzerland, and many of the 50 states. They intend on releasing an EP in Spring 2017.
Venue Information:
Marquis Theater
2009 Larimer Street
Denver, CO, 80205