Line Brawl - Album Release Show

Line Brawl - Album Release Show

Remain and Sustain, Screwtape, Dead Set, Soul Vice, Hunger

Sat Apr 08 2017

6:00 pm


This event is all ages

Line Brawl
Line Brawl
Hardcore punk from Denver, CO.
Irish Voodoo Records.
Remain and Sustain
Remain & Sustain is an up and coming band from Highlands Ranch, Colorado consisting of five talented musicians. It all started when five friends from high school decided to get together and found that they had an undying chemistry with one another. They hope to bring you the best in the hardcore scene and the best in sending a message that one would not forget.
Australian experimental/noise artist.

Began in 1996 as N.FIOS (Noise For It's Own Sake), later Dearth N.FIOS. Changed name in 2000. First recordings on four-track using every means at disposal; old analogue pedals, old analogue synth, old microphone, tapes, the toilet flushing, etc. Began fully using synth with digital multi-effects pedal around 2007/8, concentrating on power drones, as well as vinyl albums and tapes as sound sources. Added keyboard sampler in 1999, digital keyboard in 2000 and software in 2001. Now using analogue synthesizers, digital keyboard, analogue and digital pedals, microphone, meat and rubbish, software and samples. Have recorded huge amount of material between 1996 and now, some released on cassette and mp3, but no real attempt to collate and release to the public until 2009 with the launch of non-existent micro-label Solar Anus.

Note - no relation to Drew McDowall project of the same name.
Dead Set
Melodic Hardcore
Venue Information:
Marquis Theater
2009 Larimer Street
Denver, CO, 80205