Sundresed, VYNYL, Compliments to the One

Mon Jul 17 2017

7:00 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

Junior high: a time for first dances, first crushes, first dreams. It's a time when what you realized the future you couldn't wait for - whether it be high school aspirations or beyond - is within your reach more than you knew. Who knew that in eighth grade, a group of friends would embark on a first dream that sees no end in sight - their first band.

Anarbor is living proof that sometimes lofty childhood aspirations work out to be not so lofty after all. Since the fateful onset of the grade-school friendship between vocalist/bassist Slade Echeverria and guitarist Mike Kitlas, the band has been an actuality that has not only survived beyond the pitfalls of high school, but is thriving more than ever. "When we were in eighth grade, calling it a 'career' wasn't even in the picture. The shows we played were mainly to just our friends and classmates," the band says. "We weren't very good at first but we stuck with it cause we loved playing music and playing together." Seven years after their initiation, Anarbor is releasing their first full-length, The Words You Don't Swallow, this spring on Hopeless Records.

Armed with the familiar soulful pop-rock that defined their breakthrough EP, Free Your Mind, a year ago, the new record ups the ante with more confidence, wit and sheen. When you consider that Anarbor signed a record deal while still in high school, and recorded this LP at the ripe age of 19, it's imperative to know these are artists who have still only begun to scratch the surface. A band who have grown up together not only in their band roles and as young adults, but have grown with their fans as well.

"We write about what its like becoming an adult, the temptations we face, the fact that we all have problems and habits, but at the end of the day we are all human beings and we are all flawed," the band says. "With this record, we have the chance to get our music out to a whole new audience, so we're going to say exactly what we want to say. We all are going through such different stuff as we're getting older, so we all contribute to the lyric writing."

Boldly going where they've tread before (clever and defiant tracks such as "Drugstore Diet" and wayward relationship tales such as "Contagious" and first single "Gypsy Woman") and where they haven't (foraying into ballad territory on the retrospective "Useless"), the LP is the ideal format for Anarbor to display all areas of their expertise. Producer Mike Green (Paramore, Set Your Goals, The Spill Canvas) once again coaxed the best from this foursome, working to keep the patented chemistry intact but evolving. Including guitarist Adam Juwig and drummer Greg Garrity, the band is comprised of four individual songwriters working in sync. Using each other as sounding boards to their melodies and lyrics, the number of influences and tastes coursing through each of the record's 11 tracks is reflective of that unity.

Anarbor will get the chance to show the nation (and the world) the extent of their growth when they embark on their first full Vans Warped Tour this summer, as well as a debut venture overseas to the UK and Japan. As the band says, "We signed right out of high school. All throughout high school, we had to play with tons of older bands, and kind of got looked at as just a bunch of kids. Now we're traveling the world with our best friends." Beginning as a garage band, just a group of friends who wanted to create music together, it seems their junior high ambitions have come full circle after all.
Life is all about transitions, the desire to get from who you are to who you want to be. Just like the people who comprise them, every band is on a journey to find an identity and become comfortable in it’s own skin. For Phoenix, Arizona indie punks, Sundressed, these changes are the foundation of their new EP, The Same Condition.

After a string of releases dabbling in different sounds, Sundressed began to truly find their unique voice on their early 2015 EP, Dig Up A Miracle. Now with the release of The Same Condition, the band continue to deliver on the promise of their earlier work, creating endearingly honest melodic punk mixed with shades of indie rock, and massive hooks to spare.

Sonically, Sundressed excel at writing soaring harmonies and ear warm choruses, but lyrically, The Same Condition touches on darker territory. Heartbreak, depression, and toxic relationships are commonplace in alternative music, but Sundressed singer/guitarist Trevor Hedges takes a unique approach, deftly balancing intensely personal stories with universally relatable truths. Hedges said of the EP, “being in recovery and having struggled with depression in the past always makes things harder, but these songs are my way of letting it out and realizing that you can get through just about anything without going down a dark path.”

Sundressed walk a line between youthful enthusiasm and adult thoughtfulness, energetic punk and quirky indie, harrowing desperation and uplifting hopefulness. On The Same Condition the band have embraced these dynamics, found solace in transition, and are well on their way to becoming who they want to be.

FFO: Modern Baseball, Weezer, The Menzingers
VYNYL is an Alternative Pop band based out of Denver, Colorado. In 2015, lyricist/bassist Andrew Ceronio and vocalist Tyler Whiteley came together with the common goal to create meaningful music, the kind you would seek out and purchase on vinyl. Over the period of a year, they worked in quiet to define their signature blend of lush textures and rhythmic instrumentation. Their unique writing process is a combined effort of Tyler, Andrew, drummer Brian Kotal, and producer/guitarist Nikkolus Banos, and relies heavily on collaboration and reinvention. The band seeks to tackle complex themes using personable imagery and relatable subjects.
With the intention to hit the ground running, VYNYL has been working tirelessly to achieve their goal of releasing new and unique music, while inspiring people to live, and express themselves, and dance their asses off. They released their debut single, "Reaction" In November of 2015 to local and international acclaim, with fans reaching all the way from South Africa, The UK, Switzerland, and many of the 50 states. They intend on releasing an EP in Spring 2017.
Compliments to the One
Compliments to the One is a 4 piece from Denver, CO. Having started in 2012 while Stephen, Dare,and Julio attended HInkley HIgh School in Aurora, CO, the trio decided to keep the band going and started working on original material. In March of 2016, bassist Daniel was recruited to join the band having know the group through school. The band has released several singles such as Catch My Breath, Keep on Going, and Overdose, and the goal is to release an EP in the future.
Venue Information:
Marquis Theater
2009 Larimer Street
Denver, CO, 80205