As the Sky Darkens - Tour Kickoff

As the Sky Darkens - Tour Kickoff

The Panoramic, Conquer Everest, Owleye, Fox Lake

Mon Jul 10 2017

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

As the Sky Darkens
As the Sky Darkens
We are As the Sky Darkens from the small, boring, unknown town of Parker, Colorado. Formed in July of 2009, As the Sky Darkens began a journey in their local metal scene. With a sound hard to describe, but labeled as a death metal, metalcorish sound, As the Sky Darkens have taken it to the next level, giving you a heavy sound you have never heard before!

Come check out a local show sometime, and tell us what you think!!
The Panoramic
The Panoramic
The Panoramic was formed in the winter of 2012 by drummer Jason Sykes, Guitarist AJ Garner, and Bassist Josh Barratt, later adding Stefan Lopez to the mix.

As this is being written in the middle of the writing process, a full picture of the band's new full length album hasn't fully come into focus. But The Panoramic consciously decided to amp up every aspect of their style. So far the LP is extremely diverse, ranging from huge melodic chord progressions and guitar solos explored with the band's newer material to chaotic and unrelenting heaviness that was employed on the band's earlier work.
Conquer Everest
Conquer Everest
Reigning from Littleton, Colorado, Conquer Everest is derived of four great friends with mutual desires to create heavy and positive music. Their passion for their music is best witnessed on stage, referring to their high energy shows. Their love for heavy music and promoting positivity will always take precedence over the lifestyle. Conquer Everest intends on being present in the Colorado music scene for years to come. Visit their facebook page for music and show dates at: (CE = Local Metal Supporters)
With members having several different influences, Owleye has been able to create a unique sound ranging from calm and melodic to a gut wrenching anger. Live shows are intense with what fans describe as an emotional and oddly crazy stage presence as well as outgoing band members always ready to have a good laugh. As always, the main draw remains the same; the music, which brings with it phenomenal and heart bending guitar work, out of the box drumming, and a fresh vocal style. Songs like their recent single "Just Like Dean Winchester" are a perfect example of what Owleye brings to the table.
Fox Lake
Shane, Zach, Neil, and Ben whine about stuff, and play riffs sometimes.

Music from Winnipeg, MB
Venue Information:
Marquis Theater
2009 Larimer Street
Denver, CO, 80205