The Living End

Channel 93.3 Presents

The Living End

In The Whale, King Rat

Thu Sep 07 2017

7:00 pm

$18.75 - $25.00

This event is all ages

The Living End
The Living End
Australian rock band from Melbourne, Victoria, formed in 1994.
The current lineup consists of Chris Cheney (vocals, guitar), Scott Owen (double bass, vocals) and Andy Strachan (drums).
In The Whale
The Chicago Tribune said it best about In The Whale when they said this: “Stripped down to a simple essence, the band's hard-edged fare scampers, thrusts and giddily thrashes...Dirty, fun and caked in garage grime, the songs are unconcerned with trends.”
Unfortunately, the current musical climate is seriously lacking in bands and artists of this caliber. In The Whale harkens back to the time when bands simply plugged in and let the music speak for itself.
That nostalgia, and the Denver, CO duo’s need navigate a world that’s quick to judge and write-off a book by its cover is the foundation for their alternative/punk/hard rock sound that is showcased on the band’s new EP, Quicksand.
Celebrating their six year anniversary in 2017, the band has accumulated a mass of die hard fans and followers thanks to a relentless tour schedule and a live show that’s likened to a sonic boom. Artists and festival promoters have caught notice with the band playing Riot Fest, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, Afro Punk, and over 400 shows with the likes of Jane’s Addiction, The Offspring, Gogol Bordello, The Darkness and many more.
King Rat
King Rat
King Rat has been cranking out original two-and-a-half minute tirades about partying, passion and pain for 20 years. Their DIY work ethic and bring-it-on attitudes confront banality while hacking away at the strictures of the status-quo. They celebrate the rush of joy at life's brightest pinnacle and traverse the mire of despair in life's deepest ditch. Their music applies literary blue-collar grit to the old-school punk rock ascetic. The result is a sound that hurls forth a cacophony of courage, calamity, sarcasm and rage at varying velocities.
King Rat released their 8th independent studio album Buy the Ticket Take the Ride on June 27th 2014. The event was part of the band's 20 year anniversary celebration which included a two hour set by the band as well as performances by 12 Denver bands playing their versions of King Rat songs. The weekend was recorded live which will be used for a double live album release of the band's music in December, 2014. The band plans to continue writing, recording and playing their notoriously wild live shows for many years to come.
Luke Schmaltz - lead vocals, guitar
Sometimes referred to as the "word man," Luke's quest for a way to rant, scream, confront and swear without getting into trouble led him to punk rock. He steered his penchant for penning offbeat diatribes about life's scowling underbelly into a songwriting arc that spans from his late teens through today. He has offended many, and is only occasionally accused of embellishing to which he firmly attests: "I am not lying, I am making up the truth."
Mike Makkay – lead guitar, backing vocals
The only things more engaging than Mike's onstage facial expressions are the notes he hits during guitar solos. His ability on the six string is magnified by a sublime sense of timing and Mojo. Music is in his blood and rather than be a spectator with cans on his ears he chose to pick up the steel and trust it would lead him to rock. He delivers lightning with a mean attack, a keen sense of melody and a serious ax to grind.
Anthony Delilli – bass guitar, backing vocals
It has been an exhaustive effort on the part of Ant's relentlessly cruel band mates to fine eve one mean thread in his persona. In the Life Awards for the Nicest Guy in the World this guy will be crowned champion. A self-professed Star Wars geek, he locks into rhythms like a man with whom the Force is strong. His Jedi-like ability to have a good time assures that everyone around him does the same. Always.
Doug "Pockets" Hopper – drums
They call him Pockets for his ability to find the rhythmic "pocket" within any song and ride it out like he's rolling off on his vintage Indian motorcycle. He is a sonic guidepost – enabling bleary-eared band mates to focus and keep the music wired tight. His talent translates to an uncanny ability to find a gig's location in any city (without a map) and to detect the existence of an In And Out Burger from two states away.
Venue Information:
Marquis Theater
2009 Larimer Street
Denver, CO, 80205