USMC Toys For Tots feat. Red Tide Rising

USMC Toys For Tots feat. Red Tide Rising

Public Display of Aggression, Core Zero, Sovereign

Sat Dec 09 2017

7:00 pm

$7 Advance// $10 Day of Show

This event is all ages

Unwrapped Toy Donations Encouraged 

Red Tide Rising
Colorado quartet Red Tide Rising have a point to prove and with their latest release, Voices, it comes across loud and clear. Tired of being the bridesmaid, the band has decided that all attention needs to be directed towards themselves and delivering a five song piece de resistance as a whole, rather than only trying to focus on “hits.”

While the quartet’s last release, the Billboard charting ’The Rising,’ broke new ground for the band, it’s the bonecrushing ugliness of the real world that comes to light on Voices and takes the band to a whole new level. "Voices consists of the best music we have created as a band," says frontman Matthew Whiteman, an air of certainty about him. "We did so many different things in the studio that altered the RTR sound this time around. One of them was the vocal effects. We were able to capture a very heavy machine like vocal tone that adds another layer to the sound."

Voices is fueled by rage, the realities of life and the ugliness of the world we live in. Opening track, “Writing on the Wall” is about making sure you don’t allow yourself to be held down by your past. “You’re Nothing” is dedicated to the asshole who repeatedly tells you how great his life is, all the while living a complete facade. With “Suffocate” lead vocalist, Matthew Whiteman touches on the different types of addiction we all carry with us through life, whether they come from the pursuit of material possessions, giving into to drug culture or whatever one may be attached to. “Sound of the Voices Screaming” gives an audience the power to rise as one, while the Ep’s closer, “New Breed” instructs the band’s fans to distance themselves from people who claim to have their best interests at heart while leading them down a road that will eventually lead them to a life of peril. A call to arms for people to stand up for themselves.

Red Tide Rising has been a professional working band for eight long years now. Take into account that lead vocalist and resident protagonist Matthew Whiteman is all of 21 years old and his cohorts aren’t much older – we will let you do the math on where they all were in life when this band took shape.

Produced & co-written by Drowning Pool drummer Mike Luce (with the exception of “You’re Nothing” which was co-written with Luce and Ill Nino guitarist Ahrue Luster), the Denver quartet had formed a kinship with Luce in the winter of 2014 when they slugged it out across the United States on a six week tour that took them coast to coast. "Aside from our run with In This Moment a little while back, our first taste at unrelenting touring was with Drowning Pool," relates guitarist, Andrew Whiteman. "We shared the bus and formed some of the best friendships out on the road. To this day I am actually still a tech for them. It's because of that run and that friendship, that Luce decided he wanted to produce Voices."

Working with engineer Jeff Kanan (Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Jeff Lorber) at The Keep Studio in Denver, Voices is unrelenting in its brutality, and yet, polished and commercially accessible at the same time. "I was so excited to go into studio with Jeff again!" exclaims Andrew. "He is a total pro behind the board, but more importantly he is very easy to work with. The studio can be stressful, but working with him, especially on this project, made recording one of the easiest and most creative processes I have experienced. The songs speak for themselves, they came out perfect."
Public Display of Aggression
Denver based Public Display go Aggression has been creating a legend over the last several years. They are an intense band who knows what a crowd wants and delivers. The sound is a unique compilation of heavy sounds and ideas cultivated by this team of Low end assassins. Known all through Colorado for having played hot spots such as @Cheers, Toad Tavern, and Bushwhackers and in some of the most well known Colorado venues like The Gothic, Summit Music Hall and the Grizzly Rock and the Roxy supporting acts Like Hed P.E., Allegaeon, Seraphim Shock, Lola Black, Soulfly, Mushroomhead, Powerman 5000, American Head Charge and many others.

The band is celebrating landing in the top 6 106.7 KBPI Best Bands in Denver. Their sound is a mix of intense, heart stopping, pounding of Mattitude on drums; Powerfull slaps on the bass brought to the mix by Dashing Kenny Daggers; Intricate melodies and gut busting solos by lead guitar player Rage; A range of high and low screams with a depp knowledge of melody belted out by lead vocalist James Aggression. Trials and tribulations of the past such as their tour van careening off a cliff while on tour cannot stop this force known as P.D.A. Tough skinned young men who know what it takes to make it in the world of music.

So when Public Display of Aggression come to your town, realize that you will be met by a sea of fists in the air, with passion in their soul and music in their hearts, chanting, "We Don't Fuck Around!" Catch them live and see what many others already know.
Core Zero
Kick Ass Melodic Mosh Pit’n Metal! Core Zero is a Denver based metal/hard rock band that was originally formed in 2005 under the name Sineater. Upon release of its first full length professionally produced album Doxology, Core Zero adopted their current name. The music can be described as melodic vocals, soaring solos, heavy guitars, and a tight rhythm section. If Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack, and Drowning Pool had a four headed love child it would be Core Zero!
Hailing from the Mile High City, the 5-Piece Alternative Metal act, Sovereign, was built from the bones of the multiple bands that came before it. Starting with an impromptu, and definitely alcohol influenced, jam session between Mr. Clean lookalike, Tee Krell, and drummer/Anthony Kiedis Impersonator, Dillon Dugan, the pieces slowly began falling into place. Keyboardist and Amateur Competitive Eating Enthusiast, Jared Fish, was immediately drafted into the band (not bad for a 4th round pick), and writing for the first batch of songs commenced.

Several months later, Tom Selleck fan, Kyle Housel, was inducted into the band as it's bassist, and preparation for recording of their first Demo began.

Over the next few years, they began to finalize the recording of their debut album, and began the official process at Hahn Audio in October of 2016. Towards the end of recording, and after a myriad of mind-numbing auditions, the band found it's final member. After tranquilizing what they THOUGHT was a Bigfoot, they found themselves with a lead guitarist named Sean Michael Peck. With all the pieces in place, they finished recording their upcoming Debut Album, 'Cry, Havoc'.

'We will rise. We will fight. And they'll know that their war cannot be won, for we are Legion'
Venue Information:
Marquis Theater
2009 Larimer Street
Denver, CO, 80205