Young Culture

Young Culture

Riviera, The Last Echo, Contender

Wed Feb 21 2018

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

A rock band from Morgantown, WV heavily influenced by Green Day, My Chemical Romance, The Foo Fighters, and Relient K.
The Last Echo
Drawing on material from 12 years of bands, road trips, love, and heartache, The Last Echo spent 4 years touring the upper midwest as an acoustic/electric band before relocating to Colorado Springs in May of 2017. With a more mature sound that combines folk, jazz, and rock influences, The Last Echo's acoustic sound started to gel with the release of the sophomore folk album "PM."

Connecting with local session drummer Drew Isbell and virtuoso violinist Tabitha Reule, the band combines sound and experiences from both Dakotas and northern Alabama. The songwriting navigates years of open roads, intense dream sequences, and the bright feelings that accompany newfound love. The songs float on summertime vibes and existential yearnings for love and connection that resolve towards the positive.

Picking up steam in the Summer of 2017, the band started playing local shows at Axe and The Oak, The Black Sheep, Third Space Coffee, and the What If Festival. They made their debut in Denver with Back to Back nights at the Larimer Lounge and Summit Music Hall. In October, they signed an artist endorsement with Beyer Dynamic Microphones.
Raised from dust and angst in Denver, Colorado, Contender is one of the newer bands to the scene. The band was formed by Henry Desroches and Levi Boenish, who eventually brought on Richard Tyler and Leslie Hackworth to make the dream really come true. Their debut EP, Can't Wait, was released on December 1st.
Venue Information:
Marquis Theater
2009 Larimer Street
Denver, CO, 80205