Aug 15, 2013
Door Time: 7:00 PM

Day: Thursday, August 15, 2013
Door Time: 7:00 PM
Age: All Ages
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Red Tide Rising
 In 2012 Denver upstarts Red Tide Rising slammed into the national music scene when they hit the road in direct support of In This Moment on the band's non-festival 'Blood' tour dates, which also included one date with Hatebreed. “Touring with In This Moment really showed us what it takes to have a successful run on the road,” says guitarist, Andrew Whiteman. “We learned how things work on a larger scale and ‘in the real world,’ so to speak.  It was a great learning experience for sure.”  
The band has since gone onto destroy stages alongside Nothing More, Sleepwave, Gemini Syndrome, Nonpoint, 3 Pill Morning, Hurt, Soil, Kyng and My Darkest Days.

The band struck a deal with a small independent label, Spat! Records, for a digital release of, initially, their single, "Finding Home" and then their sophomore effort, Inferno, (which was produced by a then 19 year old Andrew Whiteman).  A portion of the sales from "Finding Home" are donated to the suicide prevention organization, Out of the Darkness. According to guitarist Andrew Whiteman. "This is our way to give back to a great cause in the community and to help prevent future tragedies."

In early 2013, Red Tide Rising returned to the studio to record the full length album, The Rising, working with producers Mike McAree, (In This Moment engineer) and Jeff Kanan (Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, Randy Jackson, Staind, Rick Rubin and others). To get a feel for how the new material would be received the band decided to release three “tastemaker" singles on iTunes in advance of the album.  The three singles, "The Rising," "Cold" and "2:13" all exploded creating a huge demand for the new album. Front man, Matthew Whiteman says, “The ‘tastemaker” singles were released because we wanted to give a preview of the album that was in the works. We chose to release three songs that would showcase the different intensities of the album.”
While waiting for The Rising to drop, to quench their fans thirst for new material the quartet hit the road regionally doing a few headlining shows throughout the Southwest and the Midwest. Andrew reports, “All the shows we have been playing lately have been great! We have had great energy from the crowds and they have all seemed to take a liking to the new material we brought to the live show. It's very reassuring!”
With The Rising, the band (some of whom are still in their teens) have delivered a thirteen song masterpiece that reflect a band working on a maturity level far beyond their actual years. “2:13” was an older track from when we did the ‘Inferno’ sessions that never made it to the disc, so we wanted to include it this time,” reflects Andrew Whiteman, “The Otherside” was one of the first songs we wrote for the album that we all participated in, and one of the first using MIDI for us as well. “Cold” is one of my favorite tracks off the record. It has a nice slow boil to it that makes it such a cool track (no pun intended)! And finally, “The Rising” is our anthem. It's all about what we believe in as a band and working together to achieve greatness.”
In 2014 Red Tide Rising will continue their domination of concert stages across North America and they have their sights set on a European trek later in the year.  “To cross over into the European markets would be an amazing event for Red Tide Rising. It has been one of our goals to play in markets overseas,” says Matthew.
The Rising was released through Deathbox Records and distributed worldwide via Vanity Music Group.


SERIS. With every wave of sound they resonate, there exists an unspoken promise to defy the conventional standards of today’s music while creating an emotional cadence sure to linger long after the rhythms have stopped. Enthralled by the notion of discounting the status-quo, Seris vows to create a sound which breaks from the monotony of the overheard, underwhelming songs of the moment, and instead embraces the endless horizon of the unexplored. Seris has established these infinite possibilities to be their playground.

Taking elements of dark and artistic progressive rock and adding a very deliberate odd-time metal feel serves as their musical foundation. Fusing this progressive edge with a powerful and haunting female voice distinctly separates this unique ensemble from the rest. The result of this combination is a modern style of metal whose musicality and technicality blend seamlessly into a focused and emotionally-provocative sound not yet heard on any terrestrial radio station.

Very evident on their 3 song self-titled demo, Seris takes a departure from the standard metal approach in a dynamic and exceptional way. Starting off with the powerful and edgy, though quite accessible hit “Residence,” Seris’ commanding and beautiful vocals are supported by a dark and driving melodic form. Followed by the energetic and odd-timed makings of “And Fury”, the demo keeps any curious listener nothing less than absorbed in the pure musical wonderment. “Tamasisk”, the staccato-minded concluding track on the disk, demonstrates the band’s technical poly-metric prowess while exploiting their capacity to always respect musicality.

Seris’ exodus from the conventions of rock and metal has split the tides in an ocean of music that all sounds too familiar. Their conviction and fortitude only cements their journey along the path laid out before them. With an affirmation to defy the status quo, the potentials of this band are truly immeasurable.

Arise the Lie
Arise the LieArise the Lie is energy and power. Pulling influences from different genres, Arise the Lie is not that same old metal band that you've heard and hope not to hear again. Instead, it is the type of band that makes you wonder where these guys have been hiding. Melodic guitars, groovy drums, booming bass, vocal exclamation, and choruses that have audiences singing along, all come together to show what Arise the Lie is all about; Melodic Metal at its finest.

Tossed in Tides
Tossed in Tides"Watch Your Step" EP releasing soon!! Check out the single, "Customer Service Appreciation Day"